Education research from Vietnam as seen from ISI WoS between 1990 and 2018: some preliminary results


Anh-Van Pham, An Do, Hiep-Hung Pham


This paper analyzed data from 174 articles concerning educational research in Vietnam between 1990 and 2018 from Clarivate Web of Science (WOS) database, one of the most reputable indexed data banks for scientific outcomes. To attain the number of publications, all papers indexed in category of educational sciences under Clarivate WOS were extracted and then being filtered by both two authors. The results show that there was a significant increase in the number of papers published during this period with only 1 publication during 1990 and 1994 and quickly increased to 100 research papers during 2014-2018, after 20 years. “Teaching and learning” was found as the dominant research field while “Test and assessment” was paid aa least attention. There were much more papers in Higher education than in “Technical and vocational education and training” and “Early childhood education”. Another remarkable finding is that the main source of publication was journal accounting for 52.84% of the total. The number of male and female authors contributing to the scientific work was relatively equal. Notably, the number of papers published in high quality journals was rare. Despite the growth in the total outputs, Vietnamese researcher should consider their effort in each scientific work.

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