Corporate Social Responsibility and Job Pursuit Intention: A study of Moderating Role of Personal Values. RCISS-0919-05


Linh Truong


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become a hot issue recently in both business academic theory and practice. A number of academic studies have investigated its effects on a company’s financial performance. Many found that CSR has a positive influence on stakeholders’ perception of the company’s business practices leading to their favourable reactions. This present study focuses on job seekers’ perceived CSR and how they respond to job offers. Moreover, personal values (including Self-transcendence, Self-enhancement, Conservation and Openness to change) which are considered to be driving factors in an individual’s ethical decision making are also taken into consideration as moderators of the relationship between applicants’ perceived CSR and their job pursuit intention. Most of the previous researches have been conducted in developed countries. In order to have more knowledge about CSR concept in developing countries, the present study is carried out in Vietnam context. The finding confirms the positive impact of Vietnamese job seekers’ CSR perception on their job choice decision. However, little evidence was found to support the moderating effects of personal values.

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